Erich Mounce Joins OneOncology as Chief Operating Officer

Erich Mounce Joins OneOncology as Chief Operating Officer

The CEO of West Cancer Center is taking a new job.

Erich Mounce, who has served as West’s CEO since April 2010 and has had a 36-year career in health care, has been named chief operating officer of Nashville-based OneOncology.

“[Erich’s] extensive experience helping hospitals and multispecialty practices lead change in complex health care environments is an ideal fit for us as we address the challenges and opportunities confronting community oncology nationwide,” said Tracy L. Bahl, president and CEO of OneOncology.

In his new role, Mounce will oversee operations of OneOncology’s three founding practices, with a focus on the integration of new technology, research, and clinical trials into patient’s cancer treatment and care.

As Mounce transitions into the new role, he will still provide leadership to the operational side of West.

“West operational leadership will report to me at OneOncology. … West is going to have a physicians operations team that will work more closely with the administrative team for the foreseeable future. And then West will decide if they want to bring in another [CEO] at some point or keep operating it through that process,” Mounce said.

The community-based oncology network launched on Sept. 12 as a partnership of three oncology practices: Memphis-based West Cancer Center, Nashville-based Tennessee Oncology, and New York Cancer & Blood Specialists.

“There’s a model developing out of OneOncology that will be fundamentally different than what exists out there today,” said Mounce. “It will really benefit insurance companies, peers, and, most of all, patients and how they access and go through the [cancer care model] and the people who provide that care.”

Over Mounce’s time as chief executive, since 2010, West transitioned from a large community oncology practice to a regional multispecialty cancer center, expanding from six clinic sites to 17 and from 33 physician and advanced practice providers to nearly 100.

In 2018, West treated about 37,000 patients across a variety of oncology specialties and offered more than 45 active clinical trials to its patients.

In 2010, West ranked as the third-largest physician practice locally by employment, with about 300 non-physician employees. In August 2018, West was the No. 2 largest physician practice in the metro, now with about 650 employees, according to Memphis Business Journal research.

In selecting Mounce, OneOncology noted his “proven track record of accelerating growth and working collaboratively with physicians, hospitals, and health plans to develop innovative and technologically-driven partnerships.”

Before coming to West, he was COO of Lakeside Systems/Lakeside Comprehensive Healthcare in Glendale, California, and president and CEO of Nashville-based Envision Hospital Corp. Mounce’s career in health care began as a Los Angeles City Fire Department paramedic.

“OneOncology’s laser-focus on technology, equitable partnerships with practices and profound commitment to comprehensive and compassionate patient care will be the new standard for community cancer care in this country,” Mounce said.