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What is the mission of OneOncology?

OneOncology’s mission is to empower community oncologists to drive the future of cancer care.

Our physician-driven culture and strategy is in the DNA of our company, and physicians are represented throughout the organization. We believe in creating true partnerships with physicians and equipping them with the resources needed to drive the future of community cancer care.

What is the vision for OneOncology?

Our vision is simple: To improve the lives of everyone living with cancer.

Our vision drives everything that we do. From patients and their families, to physicians and practice employees, we are committed to being a strong partner to transform the future of community cancer care in the United States.

What is community oncology?

Almost 55 percent of the Americans battling cancer receive treatment in the community oncology setting. A community oncology practice is a private, physician-owned business model independent of a hospital or academic or medical teaching institution. Community oncologists practice in almost every state, in rural locations, and in the largest cities.

Cancer treatment can be intense and span many years requiring regular physician visits for chemotherapy and follow-up care. Keeping patients close to their homes, families, and support networks lessens those burdens. Community oncology practices provide access to local, affordable cancer care.1

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How is OneOncology driving the future of community cancer care?

Working together as one, we will create a better model for community cancer care, where most cancer care is delivered in the United States. By equipping our physicians with the scale, expertise, and capital needed to thrive, community oncologists can innovate to shape the future of community cancer care.