Our Team


Tracy Bahl

President & Chief Executive Officer

David Caluori - OneOncology

David Caluori

Board Member
Principal, General Atlantic

David Chernow - OneOncology

David Chernow

Chairman of the Board
President and CEO, Select Medical

Steve Cutler

Steve Cutler

Director, Financial Planning, M&A & Analytics

Mark Dzialga - OneOncology

Mark Dzialga

Board Member
Managing Director, General Atlantic


Jazz Godard

Manager, Office Experience & Executive Assistant

Ali Leventhal - OneOncology

Ali Leventhal

Senior Manager, Marketing & Communications

Mano Mahadeva - OneOncology

Mano Mahadeva

Senior Vice President, Finance


Erich Mounce

Chief Operating Officer

Jeff Patton - OneOncology

Jeff Patton, MD

President of Physician Services and Board Member
President and CEO, Tennessee Oncology


Linda Pottinger

Director of Integrations

Dana Rye

Dana Rye

Director, Business Development

Lee Schwartzberg - OneOncology

Lee Schwartzberg, MD, FACP

Board Member
Executive Director, West Cancer Center

Robin Shah - OneOncology

Robin Shah

Chief Development & Marketing Officer, Founding Member

Eric Spiegel - OneOncology

Eric Spiegel

Board Member

Huy Tran - OneOncology

Huy Tran

Vice President of People and Talent Development

Jeff Vacirca - OneOncology

Jeff Vacirca, MD, FACP

Board Member
CEO and Managing Partner, New York Cancer & Blood Specialists

Robb Voorhoef - OneOncology

Robbert Vorhoff

Board Member

Phil Watts - OneOncology

Phil Watts

Founding Member and General Counsel

Jason Weeden - OneOncology

Jason Weeden

Associate General Counsel